What is my motor to take photos?

* Documenting life at a certain time and place?

* Trigger my inner Zen?

* Try to be artistic by finding new context and expression?

* ...

In the last 15 years I found out what is not on my list:

* Comparing myself to other photographers in a game that spits out new content every split second.

* Getting likes and comments from anonymous people around the globe and try to boost your profile by following and like other photographers and their content.

* Looking at my various accounts a thousand times a day.

If you're a professional photographer it is wise to have a social media presence to promote your showcase and extend your visibility. That's business. I also enjoyed the first days of flickr to share photos in special communities with other enthusiasts. Today I found my inner peace in taking photos just for myself and having this portfolio site people can stumble upon. Sometimes I look into special sites to discover and bookmark great photographers. That's it!

The question is not if you should quit social media. It is more about sitting in the driver seat and doing what makes you happy, instead of following the hype.