Street photography is about sharing experience and inspiration (and not always about me). Today I would like to share the great portfolio of Andreas Ott with you. Andrea is a street photographer living in Bonn, Germany. He loves to work in harsh lightning conditions creating strong contrast.

You will find his portfolio here:

Good photography should be spread via real print products you can touch and feel. Printed photos have a certain look that can't be archived on a computer display. To get a good overview of what's happening in the world of photography I love to buy magazines (like the one from Leica) with mixed stuff to get some inspiration.

African lens is the newest addition to my book shelf and gives the reader an insight into the photographic scene of Africa without falling into cliché. This high quality print product contains a good photographic mix of landscape, street, reportage, architecture, portrait and other genres.

You get a raw slice of life of this fascinating continent!

Get your copy here: