Sometimes you walk through an area that looks grey and dull without any signs of life. But then nature is showing it's beauty where won't expect it.

I recently flew to London and took some shots in Shoreditch and Southwark. I will post the final results the next days here on my website.


It's time for a new release of Hamburg Dérive, a self printed mini magazine that is distributed via different places like cafes in my home town. If you like to share it you can go to my download page and print on a color laser and share it. I will do the same for you if you're also want to distribute your art. That could be the easiest way to share printed art around the world effectively.

I am thinking about a new issue of Street_Spot that will be shared this way. That would be more fun and it is way more cost effective than a print service like blurb.

Munich is an interesting city that doesn't feel like Berlin, London, Paris or Hamburg. It has a slower pace and the people are more open than in the north of Germany. The nice parks and the great mix of architecture is perfect for street photography.