Munich is an interesting city that doesn't feel like Berlin, London, Paris or Hamburg. It has a slower pace and the people are more open than in the north of Germany. The nice parks and the great mix of architecture is perfect for street photography.

Change the perspective and get a new view on the mundane things from above.

One of things I love beside photography is coffee. Good coffee comes from small producers and is roasted and brewed with care. Good coffee has more nuances in taste as good wine. You drink it slow and watch the world around you gaining new inspiration. Sometimes you run into a "cupping" (a coffee tasting) and learn something more about the process.


There are two stereotypes of people on this planet. Some love to plan every aspect of a journey and some not (and there is also a mix between these two). I am the kind of guy who likes to walk around without a real destination. When I'm on vacation I have a little list of places I want to visit but most of the time I love to run around without knowing where it's gonna end up.

I found the best places just by running around off the beaten path. We are too bound to our daily routine and need a little break by stepping aside of it. When you're in London just turn into one of the many streets beside the overcrowded tourist paths and experience the wonder of being totally alone in one of the most pulsating cities in the world.

Researchers made experiments recording the daily paths of certain people and got mostly the same results. Every day people are taking the same paths and they create a triangle, a circle or any other shape. Maybe there is some magic one road away and you never experience it?

Photography can also become a different approach to see things different by turning things upside down or searching for a new angle of view. Think about your daily routine and how to break it...