I've just printed some issues of Hamburg Dérive to share them via cafes and other places in Hamburg. It is a high quality laser print on paper with a higher weight. The booklet contains a little selection of street and urban photography taken in Hamburg. The publication follows no path because the concept of "Dérive" is to get lost without having a plan. Street photography and the Dérive movement have some similarities in common, so it was the right choice for a name.

Help me: If you want to print and share my magazine in your area then just click and download this pdf-file and print it, fold it and you're done! There is no copyright issue and the photos can only be used in this free print product.

Maybe other photographers want to participate in this project by creating their own simple little publications. This is a great way to share art around the world without spending too much money.

When you're taking photographs of people in the streets you need some static and empty scenes to mix the yin with the yang. They work perfectly together.

You can't argue about aesthetics in art. It is more a matter of taste. There are no rules. It is just pure taste. Is there an inner circle of street photographers you need to join to be on a list or whatever? I don't think so. As a street photographer I am a kind and peaceful type of person that loves life and all the magic that is happening around me every day. You can't take photos without that love in you. There are things that are not compatible with my taste, but that won't stop me from supporting the whole thing without a doubt and it is good there there are more shades of grey out there.

I've recently experienced some situations where people made up some (hidden) rules and saw themselves as a gatekeeper for certain things like lists and collectives. They tried to set a bar you have to jump over to be on the bandwagon. Can you act that way as an artist?