Nils Kuelper, born 1972 in Hamburg (Germany)

My whole life was based on visual impressions and inspirations. I draw comics since I was eight and later on I did some films about skateboarding in the streets with my friends. Later on I became a DJ and did my own parties in various locations. Some years later I was fascinated by VJing and bought myself a laptop creating visuals for a well know electronic music event in Hamburg.

Photography was always my companion all over the years. But I did not found the thing that touches my heart and made me constantly thinking about it. After trying different styles of photography I saw the work of international street and documentary photographers and was overwhelmed by the magic that lays inside this form of art. After running around with bulky gear for some years I stumbled about a new smaller camera and rediscovered the full joy of photography. As a Taoist and philosopher inspired by the writings of Lao Tse, Michael Ende and Seneca I try to be a good observer in the world of the ten thousand things that are going on around me.

Today I try to mix architecture, street and travel photography without sticking only to one genre.

On my external blog you will find a mix of philosophy, photography and some Fuji related stuff. I am constantly trying to dive into the flow to find new inspiration.

Please also look at my instagram account for a visual diary with actual photos.

The good things are magically coming to you. Don't force things to happen...