Nils Kuelper, born 1972 in Hamburg (Germany)
My whole life was based on audio-visual experiences. I doodle and sketch since I was a child and later on I did some skateboarding films on VHS in the streets with my friends. Later on I became a DJ and did my own parties in various locations in Hamburg. Some years later I was fascinated by VJing creating visuals for some electronic music events in Hamburg.
Photography was always a solid constant for me documenting life as it is around me. A camera changes everything and each photo is a lie. You add your own perspective as you press the shutter button and the visual output becomes you individual view.
As a Taoist philosopher inspired by the writings of Lao Tse, Michael Ende, Greek philosophers and modern writers like Philip K. Dick (yes, he was a wise man) I try to be a good observer in the world of ten thousand things around me. So there is no real concept that drives me through the jungle we call life.
Photography has become a visual diary for me. There is a story behind each photo that rings a bell for me and this is the only thing that counts when it comes to art.
On my external blog you will find a mix of philosophy, photography and some Fuji related stuff. I am constantly trying to dive into the flow to find new inspiration without leaving the mundane things out.
Please also look at my instagram account for a visual diary with actual photos.
The good things are magically coming to you. Don't force things to happen...
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